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Dance & movement coach

Upcoming EVENTS

HUSTLE Summer Course 2023
  • April & May 2023

  • Every Friday at 20:00

  • Solid Ground Movement

  • Amsterdam

AMAPIANO Summer classes 
Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 18_edited.jpg
  • Saturday Workshops

  • July Intensive Course

  • Amsterdam, IJpromenade

From movement to dance

This program is for everyone who’d like to deepen their movement capabilities and build a strong foundation for their dance. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own body and its mechanics, increase your body awareness and teach you fundamental movement patterns that can be applied throughout any dance style or movement discipline. By understanding the foundation of biomechanics, you will be able to dance with technique and freedom at the same time (all while gaining strength and flexibility as a bonus).

My story

Dancing from a very early age, I explored many different styles and eventually focused my energy mostly into House dance, Hustle, Afro fusion and Kizomba. Dancing has always been the main reason to travel for me; exchanging my art with dancers abroad. In 2019 I travelled through Africa, where I shot a documentary about African dance culture - Chop Dat Dance

After completing my yoga teachers certificate in India I started incorporating mindfulness into my practice and when I started practising Ido Portal movement, I got deeply interested in biomechanics, strength and mobility training. All of these experiences were adding tremendous technique to my dance and helped me understand that movement is the "content" and dance styles are the "containers". I created Ivy Flow Movement classes, through which I wish to help people improve their your own movement capabilities and overcome personal and societal boundaries to be their true self.

Said about me

Ivana’s classes have a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes everyone regardless of their starting level. Whether you were looking for a technical challenge, physical workout or just the pure joy of moving, her classes will provide you with a nice combination of different elements of dance from exercise to history and from technique to having fun. Ivana is a warm and focused teacher who takes everyone in the class into account and encourages people to experiment movement and to find their own strengths. Starting from movement, music and having fun together, Ivana’s classes will be accessible to all, and her expertise in the style, experience in teaching and passion for the culture behind the styles will leave the students feeling inspired and looking forward to learning more and more.​


Ella Sinervo

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